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CCtv Camera System Installations

Supply & Installation of Professional CCtv Camera systems

StepUp Solutions is an independent supplier and installer of quality  CCtv Camera Systems, servicing  Cape Town &  Surrounding  area’s.   We are able to source and install suitable  CCtv  System’s     to suit your exact needs and specifications from numerous reputable local suppliers to match your needs.

Modern CCTV cameras and systems offer a huge array of products from the simple cost effective CCTV camera to the latest High Definition CCTV camera’s capable of facial recognition over half a mile away.  Before rushing out and buying that “cheap” CCTV system you saw advertised at your nearest supermarket you need to first consider your needs and carefully research whether the CCTV system will in fact perform adequately, if at all.There are a few simple CCTV system pre planning steps, or CCTV system design criteria, to be considered before you even start shopping around.